Oliver Levine

Associate Professor of Finance

Howard and Judith Thompson Professor

Wisconsin School of Business

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Working Papers

Foreign investment of US multinationals: the effect of tax policy and agency conflicts (with Jim Albertus and Brent Glover) [SSRN] (Updated May 2018)

Selected conferences: NBER Summer Institute; UT-Austin Forum on Corporate Finance; Macro Finance Society Meetings; University of Washington Summer Finance Conference

Heads I win, tails you lose: asymmetric taxes, risk taking, and innovation (with Jim Albertus and Brent Glover) [SSRN]

Selected conferences: Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy; Young Scholars Finance Consortium at Texas A&M; Cass Conference on Corporate Policies and Asset Prices

Asset Volatility and Capital Structure: Evidence from Corporate Mergers (with Youchang Wu) [SSRN] (Updated June 2018)

Revise & Resubmit at Management Science

Finance and Productivity Growth: Firm-level Evidence (with Missaka Warusawitharana) [SSRN] (Updated Feb. 2016)


Acquiring Growth [SSRN]

Journal of Financial Economics 126 (2), 2017

Are Corporate Inversions Good for Shareholders? (with Anton Bankin and Brent Glover) [SSRN]

Journal of Financial Economics 126 (2), 2017

Jensen Prize for Best Paper in Corporate Finance and Organization in the JFE, (Second place)

Media: New York Times (Op-Ed); Thomson Reuters (Inc.); New York Times (Fair Game); Cato Institute (I) (II); Columbia Law School (Blue Sky)

Data: Inversion sample

Idiosyncratic Risk and the Manager (with Brent Glover) [SSRN]

Journal of Financial Economics 126 (2), 2017

Uncertainty, Investment, and Managerial Incentives (with Brent Glover) [ScienceDirect] [SSRN]

Journal of Monetary Economics 69, 2015

In The Media

Newpaper: New York Times (Op-Ed); New York Times (Fair Game); Wisconsin State Journal I; Wisconsin State Journal II


Online/blog: Thomson Reuters (Inc.); Columbia Law School (Blue Sky); WSB Forward Thinking blog

Think tank: Cato Institute (I); Cato Institute (II)