Oliver Levine

Assistant Professor of Finance

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Research Interests

Corporate Finance, Corporate Investment, Mergers and Acquisitions, Agency Problems


Acquiring Growth [SSRN]
     – Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming (accepted 2016)

Are Corporate Inversions Good for Shareholders? (with Anton Bankin and Brent Glover) [SSRN]
     – Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming (accepted 2016)
     – Media: New York Times (solicited op-ed); Thomson Reuters (Inc.); New York Times (Fair Game); Cato Institute (I) (II); Columbia Law School (Blue Sky)

Idiosyncratic Risk and the Manager (with Brent Glover) [SSRN]
     – Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming (accepted 2016)

Uncertainty, Investment, and Managerial Incentives (with Brent Glover) [ScienceDirect] [SSRN]
     – Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015

Working Papers

Asset Volatility and Financial Policy: Evidence from Corporate Mergers (with Youchang Wu) [SSRN] (Updated July 2016)

Finance and Productivity Growth: Firm-level Evidence (with Missaka Warusawitharana) [SSRN] (Updated Feb. 2016)

Work In Progress

Leverage, Capital Gains Taxes, and Expected Returns (with Brent Glover)

The Market for Investment Opportunities over the Business Cycle

Asset Volatility and Leverage Choice (with Youchang Wu)